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Faculty Sponsor

Tina L. Seelig, Executive Director, Stanford Technology Ventures Program. Tina Seelig is the Executive Director for the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), the entrepreneurship center at Stanford University's School of Engineering. STVP is dedicated to accelerating high-technology entrepreneurship education and creating scholarly research on technology-based firms. STVP provides students from all majors with the entrepreneurial skills needed to use innovations to solve major world problems.

Guest Lecturers

Tom Byers. Professor Tom Byers’ expertise is on technology and high-growth entrepreneurship. He is founder and a faculty co-director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP). He is also the chairman of the Committee for Undergraduate Standards and Policies (C-USP) and deputy chair of the Management Science and Engineering department.

Igor Shoifot. Igor Shoifot is the CEO at He was most recently a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of world’s largest independent photo site,, used by millions of customers to store billions of photos and videos. He was CEO of Microsoft WebTV’s largest site, Epsylon Games and founded start-ups in VOD, VoIP, biotech and document management, published articles and interviews at The Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat, San Francisco Examiner and other publications. Currently, he is working on the book “101 Viral Growth Tools” and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on viral marketing, communications and entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley, and previously taught at New York University for many years. He holds PhD, MBA, MA and BA degrees.

Alexandra Johnson. Alexandra Johnson is a Managing Director of DFJ VTB Aurora. She currently works in the Silicon Valley where she focuses on early stage companies in communications, media, and technology industries headquartered both inside and outside of Russia.

JD Schramm. JD Schramm joined the GSB faculty in the fall of 2007 to create and launch communication courses as part of the new GSB curriculum. In 2009 he led the development and launch of the Mastery in Communication Initiative to help GSB students at all levels of expertise improve their mastery of speaking and writing. He leads a team of writing specialists who serve as coaches to the first year MBA students taking the required Critical Analytical Thinking (CAT) course. He teaches courses in Political Communication, Strategic Communication, Executive Communication (Sloan only), and Communication Strategies for Scholars (PhD only).

Stephen Ciesinski. Prof. Ciesinski is a corporate officer with SRI International, as well as Vice President of Strategic Business Development. He has responsibility for SRI's commercial business development, international operations, innovation programs, corporate energy and industrial sector initiatives, strategic marketing and other corporate programs. His professional experience includes: consumer products, semiconductor capital equipment, telecommunications, mobile/wireless, applications software, Web 2.0, open source, medical devices, and many others.

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Konstantin Bochkarev. Konstantin Bochkarev was previously a practicing intellectual property attorney in Moscow at Lovells' Moscow office. His inspiration in coming to study at Stanford Law School is to return to Russia to help build the emerging Intellectual Property system. He maintains a great deal of expertise in Russian intellectual property law.